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Flexibler Tür-Zuziehgriff / Haltegriff
Flexibler Tür-Zuziehgriff / Haltegriff
Flexibler Griff Befestigung z.B. am Überrollkäfig, Dachträger etc. Gurtband aus Nylon Griff aus Kunststoff Masse Griff: Länge ca. 120mm Durchmesser ca. 25mm
€10.90 *
RHINO RACK PIONEER Plattform 2728X1465mm mit Füßen, passend für Defender 110
RHINO RACK PIONEER Plattform 2728X1465mm mit...
Rhino Rack Gepäckplattform inkl. 8 Füße dynamische Traglast des Trägers liegt bei 200kg Montagezeit ca. 2 Std. für die Montage in der Regenrinne passend für Land Rover Defender 110 Set bestehend aus: Pioneer Plattform 4x Fußkit
€1,550.00 *
Fußkit Rhino, 210mm, für Regenrinne
Rhino Legkit, 210mm, for rain gutter
2 pieces Heavy Duty Version produced with UV stable, glass fiber reinforced nylon fits for Heavy Duty and AERO cross carrier including fixing material for the specific mounting of the vehicle e.g. fits for Land Rover Defender
€94.00 *
1500mm Querträger, schwarz, Rhino Rack
1500mm Cross Carrier, black, Rhino Rack
individual price Heavy Duty Version Classic, square form with a maximum of stability because of the included C-leg, a lot of equipment can be fixed load capacity: 50 kg per cross carrier (Attention of the permissible roof load !!)...
€73.00 *
Gepäckplattform 1328 X 1426mm, Alu, schwarz
Platform for the luggage 1328 x 1426mm, alu, black
RHINO RACK PIONEER PLATFORM FOR THE LUGGAGE, ALUMINIUM, 1328 x 1426 MM, BLACK Cross carrier are not necessary. HD legkits are required for the mounting. You cannot combine the platforms with the following products: CXB, SXB and 2500...
€680.00 *