4-row clothesline for airline rail / keder rail / C-rail

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You already have an airline or keder rail mounted on your camper? Perfect! Why not also use... more
Product information "4-row clothesline for airline rail / keder rail / C-rail"

You already have an airline or keder rail mounted on your camper?
Perfect! Why not also use this device to dry your laundry in the fresh air!

Specially designed for campers, our clothesline is the ultimate accessory to help you dry your clothes on the move. With a length of up to 8 metres - divided into 4 rows - it offers enough space to hang up and dry your wet towels or other damp textiles neatly.

Our clothesline is characterised by its high quality and durability. It is made of hard-wearing, weather-resistant material that can withstand even extreme conditions. Whether in sunshine, rain or strong wind - our clothesline remains stable and reliable. Once you have securely fastened your laundry to the clothesline, you don't have to worry about your clothes flying away or the clothesline breaking.

Another advantage is that it is easy to use: thanks to its practical design, it can be easily mounted and removed again later. You don't need any additional tools and thus save valuable time and energy. In addition, it is so light and compact that it can easily be stowed in any camping luggage.

Make sure your clothes are always fresh and dry, no matter where you are.
Our clothesline gives you the freedom to dry your clothes outdoors in good weather, at a breezy height, without anything dragging on the ground. Sit back and relax while your textiles dry quickly and efficiently.

Scope of delivery:

2 clothes poles made of black anodised aluminium
1 very tear-resistant clothesline made of orange paracord, 800 cm long
1 durable cotton bag with drawstring for transportation

Technical data:

the clothes poles are made of black anodised aluminium
no discolouration due to aluminium abrasion
with holders for M6 and M8 threads
length of the clothes rails: approx. 25 cm
distance between the 4 holes per clothes pole: approx. 5 cm
The clothes horse is easily attached to the camper's rail, e.g. with additionally available keder stones or fittings.
total weight: approx. 550 g
the practical transport bag supplied also has a place for clothes pegs


Thread the clothesline through the poles at the desired intervals without tightening them.
fix both poles to the rail at the desired distance apart with keder stones or fittings.
only when both poles are fastened, pull the clothesline through to tension and e.g. tie a knot. Done!

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