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Hook for car headrest
This practical headrest hook fits almost all vehicle brands. It simply hooks onto the car's headrest and is ideal for hanging bags and other travel and camping accessories. Extremely space-saving gadget. Make clever use of the already...
€2.50 *
4-row clothesline for airline rail / keder rail...
You already have an airline or keder rail mounted on your camper? Perfect! Why not also use this device to dry your laundry in the fresh air! Specially designed for campers, our clothesline is the ultimate accessory to help you dry your...
€59.90 *
OKI Box Four - Outdoor Kitchen for 4 people
Practical outdoor kitchen box with "All Inclusive Set" in Eurobox format. Safely stowed in two Euroboxes with lids measuring - 600 (W) x 400 (D) x 135 (H) mm - 600 (W) x 400 (D) x 235 (H) mm Both Euroboxes have a secure closure for the...
€849.00 *
Stainless steel bottle opener ”ORYX“
The iconic ORYX bottle opener is back! With a small oryx-antelope silhouette on top and a practical bottle opener on the bottom. Laser-cut from stainless steel, it's your little helper when thirst comes knocking again on the road. The...
€10.90 *
Inclinometer and gradiometer for off-road use
The ideal helper for your next off-road tour. The limit range of your vehicle can be set individually, so you are always on the safe side. Thanks to the illumination, the values can also be easily read in the dark. Easy to attach with...
€29.90 *
Bonnet wrapping set "black matt, universal"
The "off-road outfit" for your bonnet - the new trend for all vans and off-road vehicles. In addition to a really cool look, bonnet wrapping also offers very clear advantages: Protection against stone chipping Reduction of light...
€119.00 *
Kotflügelverbreiterung +28mm , Universalteil...
Universal-Kotflügelverbreiterung zum Kleben, passend für 2 Radläufe, schwarz Die original EZ-LIP Flares Made in USA verbreitern deinen Radlauf in nur wenigen Handgriffen. Dabei lässt sich die flexible Radabdeckung an fast alle Fahrzeuge...
€49.00 *
Thermomattenset 6-teilig passend für Suzuki Jimny
Thermomattenset 6-teilig passend für Suzuki Jimny
diskreter Sonnen- und Sichtschutz Reflexion der Sonneneinstrahlung Isolierung gegen Wärme und Kälte mehrlagiges Isoflex-Material Außenfarbe: schwarz-silber Innenfarbe: schwarz einfache Montage mit beiliegenden Saugnäpfen inkl....
€99.90 *