T-MAX Compressor 160

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With a capacity of 160 liter per minute the compressor is generously dimensioned and can also be... more
Product information "T-MAX Compressor 160"

With a capacity of 160 liter per minute the compressor is generously dimensioned and can also be used for inflating the big Offroad wheels. The maximum pressure belongs to 10,3 Bar (150PSI). It has a carrying handle; that makes it comfortable in use.

With the support of 2 isolated crocodil clips, the compressor is directly connected with the battery and switched on/off by a switch. The power consumption under load belongs to a maximum of 45 Ampere. You will receive the maximum of capacity if the engine is running and the voltage belongs to 13,8 Volt.

The compressor has a valve where you can let out the air of the connected wheel.

The compressor is protected by an electronic fuse in case that there is an overloading; thus no replacing fuses will be necessary. You have a switch at the compressor to switch it on/off. Therefore you do not have to disconnect the batteries to switch off the compressor like the compressor 72. Because of the integrated electronic fuse and the switch, the compressor is also perfectly suitable for a permanent installation into your car.

Scope of delivery: carrying bag, tyre inflation valve (without bars for filling/emptying) with a hose and manometer, extension hose, adaptor attachments for e.g. air mattress and balls.

Advantages compared with compressor 72: blow valve, significant higher air performance, isolated terminal clamps, electronic fuse.

4x4 Test Winner

In 2012 the magazine 4x4action has practically tested 12 compressors up to 350 Euro. Test winner was the T-MAX compressor 160! The T-MAX has cleary stood out from the reference instrument of ARB, the 900 Euro-class compressor.

"A very clear test winner and also a heavy weight: The T-Max 160 is the heaviest compressor in this test, execpt of the reference instrument of ARB. But this defect - persons who have to reduce weight with its car, are annoyed about each gram - is compensated with the fact that the T-Max has received 7 from 16 top ratings. It clearly stands up from the competitors. T-Max nearly make noise with only 86dB(A). It is a fair offer to a good price."



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