KONI Coilover Suspension "Off-Road" for VW Bus T5, T6 and T6.1

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With this coilover suspension, it is possible to set the desired front and rear ride height... more
Product information "KONI Coilover Suspension "Off-Road" for VW Bus T5, T6 and T6.1"

With this coilover suspension, it is possible to set the desired front and rear ride height with millimetre precision - regardless of whether the vehicle is a California or a Multivan with full equipment, a complete conversion, or a long or short wheelbase. In addition, there is maximum comfort, individual firmness adjustment and even greater suspension travel - more is really not possible!

Until now, there was always the problem that with all conventional height-adjustment suspensions, it was not possible to make an exact prediction of the height adjustment in advance due to the different equipment (DSG / switch, pop-up roof, extensions, AHK etc.) and wheelbases.
This is now a thing of the past with this chassis! If, for example, you want the vehicle to reach a standing height of exactly 490 mm at the front and rear (measurement from wheel centre to mudguard edge), this can be set precisely to the millimetre at the front and rear, right and left with this suspension system.

The XL-long KONI-ADJUST-SENSITIVE-AT coil-over shock absorbers offer infinitely variable height and firmness adjustment at the front from the outside (top) with a hand wheel supplied.
Likewise, the rear axle has stepless external height adjustment and is also hardness-adjustable (rear hardness adjustment when removed).

On long journeys and in everyday life, one quickly appreciates this maximum comfortable, sensitive height adjustment. The springs were specially designed and tuned by engineers at Eibach Germany. Production is also carried out at Eibach Germany with the best possible setting and breaking strength as well as durability worldwide.

The KONI coilover suspension offers the maximum in technical possibilities: A new benchmark in terms of ride height, comfort and off-road capability.

The adjustment range of the suspension is approx. +10 to +45 mm and is limited in the expert opinion to a standing height of max. 490 mm, whereby there is still a residual thread here.

Suitable for VW Bus T5, T6 and T6.1 California or models with heavy extensions / shelves / campers etc., which also have at least 1000 kg rear axle empty weight.

Attention: For vehicles with DCC, the DCC must be professionally shut down after replacing the shock absorbers. Only for vehicles with clamp mounting of the shock absorbers on the front axle!

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